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Remote Trainer 360 Smart Phone Go Pro POV Video Sharing Helmet

Remote Trainer 360 Smart Phone Go Pro POV Video Sharing Helmet

Item #: RT-360

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Trainers, support teams and customers can see, hear and communicate with helmet operator at a remote location through this cell phone equipped POV helmet. The RT-360™ training helmet uses a cell-phone and readily available audio and video software to communicate with remote locations for:

Project Reviews
- Demonstrate to multiple customers at multiple locations during the same meeting
- More direct than PowerPoint
- Live Q & A/feedback opportunity
- More convenient for the customer

- For employees or customers
- Trainer sees what trainee sees
- Direct verbal communication
- One-to-one or one-to-many sessions
- No more traveling

Standout Features of the RT-360™ include:

Smartphone Camera Sharing

Easy - set up a meeting on your cell phone
Fast - minimal learning curve for operators

Hands-Free Operation

Simple - helmet mounted for POV transmission
Direct - communicate to and from remote location

Uses Online Meeting Software
Cost-Effective - reduce travel costs
Promotes Safety - limit exposure to undesirable situations

Each RT-360™ includes:

(1) x Durable Tactical Helmet
(1) x Smart Phone Mounts
(1) x Wireless Headphones
(1) x Go Pro Compatible Adapter*
*Go Pro and Mount NOT included