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DCI Weather Guard System

DCI Weather Guard System

Item #: DCI-WGS

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The Weather Guard protects freight and workers from inclement weather while loading through multiple Demountable Bodies. It’s inexpensive and installs easily, in under a minute, in the space between Warehouse on Wheels System bodies.

Weather Guard is a three-piece, lightweight aluminum system panels, Aluminum handles and bungee cord. The handles are pulled into the bodies and positioned to bridge the space in-between. Tension to hold the panels in place is created by the elasticity of the bungee cord.

Operators can set up the system prior to loading inside the bodies without exposure to any harsh weather.

Keep your product dry, your loaders safe and your customers happy with Weather Guard.

Key Features:

• Lightweight aluminum construction
• Complete protection
• Easy to install
• Set-up in under a minute
• All set-up occurs inside the bodies